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Timothy Ronald, Canada

I have been suffering from Vitiligo for last 2 years. It was really a distress the day it appeared on my forehead and put me into lot of stress. I visited many doctors and dermatologists for the probable cure but I was advised that there is no cure and nothing can be done.
I didnít lose hope and started surfing Internet in order to attain the information regarding the cause and remedy of this dilemma. I found the link of Vitiligo Herb and ordered the product for trial purpose. What amazing for me that my vitiligo started to re-pigment with drastic pace* and within four months of usage I have completely recovered*. Certainly a great product.

Dee Smith, USA

I have twelve years old daughter. She was diagnosed with Vitiligo last year. We were horrified when doctors told that they wouldnít be able to help us.
We didnít give up and tried vigorously to look for the remedy that could work best for us. Luckily, we managed to start treatment with Vitiligo Herb. Since then, there is almost 90% improvement* in her condition. We are much obliged and thankful to Vitiligo Herb support team for helping my daughter living a normal life.

Kwankamon, Thailand

I had tried everything. Unfortunately nothing worked for me. I came to know about Vitiligo Herb through one of my friendís forwarded email. It looked quite impressive to me and I started using it. I have noticed considerable difference* in my skin and almost 60% pigments are back within 3 months of regular usage. I am confident that through frequent use of another 4 months Iíll regain my skin color*.

Jahanzeb Ahmad, Pakistan

I am a textile designer and also perform modelling for various Textile Magazines. Everything was perfect in my life until I diagnosed with Vitiligo. It was nothing less than a nightmare as I could see ending my modelling career. I consulted various medical practitioners and specialists and tried whatever they recommended, but all went in vain.
One of my new work mates suggested contacting Shahzain Herbal. After a satisfactory phone call with one of their staff I started using Vitiligo Herb. My spots started to respond towards treatment in first 3 to 4 weeks* and after 5 months of continuous usage I am back to my previous look*. Thanks for your help and great support.

Simond Neil, South Africa

I am 32 years old experiencing vitiligo from last 2 years. It spread so quickly, now i have got patches everywhere on my body arms, legs, knuckles and on cheeks. I visited numerous doctors but couldnít retrieve a favourable response as no one could come up to my expectations.

While surfing web I had a chance to visit After going through all information, I placed an order and as soon as I got the package I started applying straight away. I found it quite easy to apply and amazingly started noticing difference in 3rd week of application*. I am going to place my third and hopefully last order this week. Almost all spots are back to normal after 6 months of treatment*. I have not many words to praise but would like to say that Vitiligo Herb is wonderful product for vitiligo patients*. Many thanks again.

Tom Daniel, Australia

I was a Vitiligo victim from last 7 years. I started to look for the solution from very first day, visited many specialists, used various drugs and remedies that helped a little bit but not much. Lastly, I had to rely on expensive make-ups, which I couldnít afford for long. One night while watching YOU TUBE, I clicked on one web link and landed on that claimed fast results in unbelievable low price*. I didnít mind to give it a go and placed an order for trial pack.

I started treatment in last spring and couldnít believe to see changes in my spots in first month*. I recovered pigments with great pace in first 4 months*; healing process got little slower in March and April. I continued the treatment and now after 10 months I am totally back to normal*. Itís unbelievable and most beautiful thing ever happened to me. Thanks guys for everything.

Peter Adam, UK

I am ordering this herbal medicine for 3rd time and its really working for me*. I am glad that i found this product.

David Mathews, Sweden

My nephew had vitiligo since he was 8 years old. We tried many local treatments but nothing helped to improve his condition. We gave Vitiligo Herb a try like other treatments and found quite helpful as boy responded to the treatment quite well*. We could see significant change in his condition in 5 weeksí time*. We are going to place a new order and will update you with the progress in coming months. Thanks for giving him hope and appreciate your support.

 Sonia Thakur, India

I have been applying Vitiligo Herb from last 7 weeks and found great results*. I am so confident about this treatment and recommend every vitiligo sufferer to try it once*. I am very much grateful to Shahzain herbal for such a great product and support.

Abdul Karim, Turkey

By the grace of Almighty Allah Vitiligo Herb has worked best for me*. I am recovering at a remarkable pace*. I do recommend it to all my brothers suffering from vitiligo.

Furqan Khan, Pakistan

I have had vitiligo for over 20 years. Doctors told me there is no cure. I found Vitiligo Herb while searching for information about new developments with vitiligo on Internet. I had spots on my elbows, face, and chest. I started this herbal treatment last year and noticed small freckles of my skin tone in white spots after 12th week of application*. Charismatic tiny dots started to cover white spots slowly and finally my all white patches are gone for good*. I would definitely recommend this treatment to all vitiligo patients. Doesnít matter from how long you are suffering from, please give it a try to Vitiligo Herb. Believe me, you wonít be disappointed*


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